Being a member of the Federation,
is entitled to a host of benefits


The French Federation has given mission is to represent , advise and defend its members but also better ensure that decisions at all levels of power, take into account the interests of its artisans.
Provincial and regional sections provide , in turn , the representation of its members on a daily basis by offering many activities, but also by supporting and serving local initiatives.
You will find below the composition of the Board of Directors of the Federation of French bakery and confectionery and chocolate – ice-cream
The Board of Directors of the French Federation .
Albert Denoncin – President
Alain Van Twembeke – Vice- President
José Mathias – Treasurer
Dominique Cicagna – Director and Chairman National Commission Social
Ghislaine Xhauflaire – Director and Vice -President of National Fiscal Commission
Jacques Beer – Director
Bero Bruno – Director
Pierre Legrain – Director
Thierry De Roo – Administrator
Henri Leonard – Director
Hanno Marquet – Director
Richard Mignon – Administrator
Jean -Pierre Moeckx – Administrator
Jean -Marie Nolf – Director
Attilio Panzarella – Director
José Vanderauwera – Administrator.