The statutes of the French Federation registered the Belgian Official Gazette , 24 February 1982 .
The association’s name : French Federation of Bakery, Pastry , Confectionery, Chocolate, Ice Cream Parlor .
The headquarters of the association is street Florent Pirotte , 3-4430 Years
The association is affiliated to the Confederation of Bakery, Pastry , Confectionery, Ice Cream Parlor Belgian .
The association aims to promote careers in bakery, confectionery , chocolate, ice cream and related trades .
The association provides members of the Francophone Federation of bakery and confectionery and chocolate – ice-cream :
Representation and defense of their interests.
Their retention and promotion, and the quality of their products.
Training and professional development.
The study and information concerning any professional issues .
Participation in the context of these objectives and any other similar or related groups to achieve a common action.
The association is managed by a board of directors composed of at least three individuals , appointed from among the members by the General Assembly for four years , and at any time remove them. They may be reappointed.
Mandates are not remunerated .
The Board of Directors chooses among its members a Bureau composed of :
a president
two Vice-Presidents
secréataire a Treasurer
The Board has jurisdiction in all actions within social administration in the broadest sense .
The meeting was presided over the Board of Directors or, in his absence, by the oldest Vice-Presidents .
Each shareholder has the right to attend and participate in the meeting.
Each year, as of December 31, the Board shall adopt the accounts for the past year and sets the next year’s budget .
The both are subject to the approval of the ordinary general meeting.
The General Meeting shall appoint, for a period to be determined , at least two commissioners control of financial management .
Amendments to these Articles of Incorporation may only be considered by the General Assembly , through the presence of two-thirds of the full members and two-thirds majority vote , provided that the purpose of the amendments was specifically indicated in the notice .